Jeff developed his interest for photography after purchasing a 35mm camera in the early 1980’s. Armed with his camera and black and white film, Jeff fostered his appreciation for monochrome images. Today, his goal remains to help people fall in love with the classic and timeless beauty of black and white imagery.

Jeff uses both black and white film and a digital camera and is enthralled with the unlimited possibilities afforded by today’s digital darkroom that provides the perfect marriage of his professional career and his passion. With over thirty-five years of experience as a software engineer and system architect, Jeff thoroughly understands digital image technology and how to apply it to his imaging workflow. Jeff is well known for his post-processing abilities with software such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

Although Jeff commands a vast storehouse of technical knowledge, he still appreciates the simplicity of classic manual film cameras. He recently shot a series of photographs of Yosemite using only a fifty-year old TLR camera and black and white film. He is often seen carrying a classic film camera on his fields trips and enjoys how these cameras force the photographer to take their time to think before capturing the image.

Jeff is famous for his ability to create stunning fine art giclée prints, especially his black and white imagery. He continues to evangelize the process of making prints to other artists in order to keep the age old tradition alive. His printing skills have grown to include alternative printing processes including cyanotypekallitype, van dyke, and his favorite process—the salt print.